Flywire Shoes

The cutting edge Nike footware technology featured at the 2008 Olympics.

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Nike Flywire wins high praise by ChappsMalina

A recent article gives high praise to Nike Flywire technology as a top design for 2008.

Flywire from Nike: By combining tensile structures into the uppers of their shoes, Nike managed to reduce the material thickness, creating a lighter weight range of shoe, while maintaining the structural integrity. Old concept, new use. Very cool.

One More Day!

Just one more day until the 2008 Beijing Olympics!  You can view the 24/7 coverage online at  NBC Coverage starts at 7:30 PM PST tomorrow, 8/8/08.

Flywire shoes will be used in several sports; most notably basketball the USA Basketball team wearing Nike Hyperdunk shoes and in track and fiels with many individual athleates wearing Nike Zoom Victory Spikes or Nike Zoom Mutombo.

Don’t miss all the action!

“Where does Flywire come from?”, you ask?

Flywire Victory Spikes

Nike designed the shoe but the “flywire” is actually a “a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer” which the manufacturer (a company called Kuraray America, Inc.) calls “Vectran(R) fiber”.  Read below, this “fiber” has been around for a long time and is used in everything from bike tubes to luxury yacht sails to the Mars Rovers!

When athletes from around the world go for the gold at the Beijing Olympics, a super strong yet lightweight and flexible fiber being used in a revolutionary new type of running shoe construction from Nike, may help propel them to victory.

Vectran(R) fiber, a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer, is a key component of the new Flywire technology being used in Zoom Victory Spikes that are so light that athletes say they feel like a second skin or spikes coming out of their feet.

Manufactured by Kuraray America, Inc., Vectran’s high-strength threads are pound-for-pound five times stronger than steel. In the Flywire technology, these fibers work like cables in the new suspension bridge-inspired design, providing cushioning and support precisely where a foot needs it.

Nike is calling the Zoom Victory Spike its “lightest and strongest footwear ever made,” weighing 93 grams, without compromising on durability, integrity or support. In comparison, the famed Gold Shoe worn by Michael Johnson in the 1996 Olympics, which had been the lightest spike to date, weighed in at 112 grams.

Each Zoom Victory Spike uses 116 strands of the Vectran fiber Flywire strands to keep an athletes’ foot cushioned at key points, such as the heel and forefoot, and also firmly cradled in the spike’s footprint, according to the Nike Innovation Lab site. This enables more energy to be transferred directly into forward motion with each stride.

Nike is supplying the Zoom Victory Spikes to the U.S. track and field team for middle distance events and Zoom Matumbo, also utilizing Flywire, for longer distance events. The same technology is being used in Hyperdunk basketball sneakers being worn by L.A. Lakers’ superstar Kobe Bryant.

The multifilament Vectran fibers, which are a quarter of the diameter of a human hair, were converted into embroidery threads to be sewn by Nike. Nike explored the use of other high-performance synthetic fibers, before choosing Vectran for achieving the desired properties.

“Vectran fiber’s unique combination of properties, including its tensile strength, light weight and flexibility, enabled Nike to design the lightest weight spikes ever made,” said Robert Knudsen, manager of sales and marketing for Kuraray America, Inc.’s Vectran division.

“Kuraray is pleased to supply Vectran fiber in this revolutionary design that has allowed Nike to achieve both light weight and strength — a combination that was never thought possible before today,” he said.

Versatile Vectran has been used in demanding applications ranging from cushioning Mars Rovers during landings to the cabling system on new airborne wind turbines, puncture-resistant bicycle tires and the world’s largest sail on a luxury charter.


Hyperdunk "Black Out"

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Hyperdunk Original

Hyperdunk Original

Nike Zoom Victory Spike

The new Nike Zoom Victory Spikes are getting a great deal of media coverage. Weighing in at just over 90 grams, these will be the lightest track spikes ever worn at any Olympic games. They are even lighter than Michael Johnson’s famed gold spikes worn in the 1996 Atlanta games which reportedly weighed in at 116 grams. Here is a recent new article out of South Africa about the Nike Zoom Victory Spikes with Nike Flywire technology:

“Any serious runner will tell you how essential it is to have a pair of trainers that not only fit well but are light on the foot.

Now imagine a paper-thin shoe no more than two microns thick. This is what Nike has created in the form of the Lunar Trainer and the Nike Zoom Victory Spike, which feature flywire and lunar foam technology.

The flywire is a material supported by high-tensile threads. Lunar foam has resulted in Nike’s lightest weight and most responsive cushioning material to date. The foam distributes force across the foot and protects it from injury and pain with every footfall.

The Zoom Victory Spike weighs 93g, making it the lightest spike ever produced. It makes the runner feel as though they have nothing on their feet. The spikes are manufactured to give maximum balance, support and flexibility while running.

The Lunar Trainer is the creation of one of Nike’s resident designers, Kevin Hoffer, who wanted to create a cushioning system as revolutionary as Bill Bowerman’s Waffle sole, which was described by runner Geoff Hollister as “running on pillows”.

As if the spikes and trainers could not get any better, one has the pleasure of having them in funky and sassy colours such as red and lime.”

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Nike Flywire on crave, a Cnet blog

Nike Flywire publicity is growing! This is going to be HUGE. The Nike flywire track shoes have been given a great deal of visibility, second only to Kobe and his Hyperdunk flywire shoes. Check out this article by crave:

“Major sportswear maker Nike looks set to steal the limelight at this year’s summer Olympics with its latest innovation, the Flywire track shoes. The company will supply the US track and field team with two Flywire footwear, the Zoom Victory Spikes (top left image) and Zoom Matumbo (bottom left).

Already creating quite a buzz in the industry with its revolutionary lightweight construction, the Flywire design is said to be inspired by the cables from a suspension bridge. It basically makes use of a strong Vectran thread arranged in a fan-shaped pattern at anchor points around the shoe. The result is a shoe that is extremely light, yet reportedly cheap and easy to manufacture.

But, just how light are the new Flywire track shoes? The Zoom Matumbo will be Nike’s lightest distance track shoes at about 96.3g per pair, while the Zoom Victory Spikes for middle distance events like the 800m and 5,000m will weigh just 90.7g. For the record, Michael Johnson’s famed pair of golden track shoes at the 1996 Atlanta Games tipped the scales at about 112g, which is lightweight even by today’s standards.

Nike has made the Flywire technology available commercially with the recent launch of its Flywire series of running shoes in the US. The company also plans to release the track shoes to consumers later in October. ”

Hyperdunk “Black Out”

Nike Hyperdunk “Black Out” with Nike Flywire technology.   Get these right here on July 26th.  See the Buy Shoes Here links on the right side of this page.

Kobe Bryant Jumps an Aston Martin

You gotta love Hollywood.  Although Kobe Bryant probably didn’t actually jump over a moving Aston Martin, he probably did jump the height of a Aston Martin in his new Nike Hyperdunk shoes with Flywire technology.  Pretty impressive!